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You Are A Unique & Amazing Human Being

We have so much to share with you, about how valuable and awesome you are. Please follow the link to find out just what Blank Canvas is doing in your area, and how you can know for real just what you are trully worth.

Blank Canvas Mission is both the faith foundation and the faith arm of Project 16:15

Registered Charity in England and Wales No. 1187421


The vision of Blank Canvas Mission is to see peoples lives change through the revelation of their true value and self worth, that is found only in the recognition of the price Christ Himself paid.


Through a variety of outreach projects and localised mission events, Blank Canvas sets out to provide a platform whereby all may come to that awesome realisation that they truly are " Fearfully and wonderfully made"


Based entirely on a Christian foundation, Blank Canvas believes that every single person, regardless of situation, circumstance, gender, faith, sexuality, culture, tradition, social standing, occupation or past are equal before God, having been created in His image, so therefore stand equal in before man.


 Our lives are a canvas, upon which is splashed other peoples opinions, hurts, heartache, wrong choices and bad decisions every single day.

Our parents, school, college, work, spouse, religeon, friends, children, in fact everyone we meet and everywhere we go adds a bit more colour, thus changing how we see ourselves and are seen by others.


What others do to us, how they treat us, how we treat ourselves so often leaves us seeing nothing but a messed up painting instead of the masterpiece we were meant to be.


Yet underneath all that, beneath all those layers your canvas still exists, and as you discover your true value, your true worth, you will see piece by piece your true self revealed.


Please except this invitation to look around the site, discover what Blank Canvas is all about.

If you would like to get involved with any of the Projects/Events, Book us for a conference or Outreach Mission. Maybe just simply ask how you can know your value.


Please get in touch, I would love to hear from you. 



Pastor Stan Robertson

Northampton Town Street Chaplain

Church on the Streets 

Project 16:15

Mission Event

Why not join us at one of our Mission Events.

Discover your true value that can only be found in Christ

Church on the Street

Church on the Street meets every Sunday on the Market Square. Why not come along?

Project 16:15

Project 16:15 includes the Homeless Breakfast in Bed Project.

Your welcome to get involved.

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